Who We Are

Online Education Consultancy, An Educational Services company based in Bangladesh.  Online Education Consultancy has been providing various services to hundreds of students in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and many other countries , at both international and local Universities . We provides representation in various capacities to different institutions in key locations around the world. In particular, We focuses on quality and affordable education abroad, we have partnership with Universities / Colleges and Institutions worldwide.

We are an International Educational Consultancy provider that has a wide range of experience in international education; both undergraduate and post graduate. It offers student placement to various European Countries, Canada, United, United States of America (USA), Kingdom (UK), And Malaysia. As an international education consultancy, we assist all students from around the world to make the right choice when considering their international education opportunities.

What We Do

We provide excellent counselling for the education needs aimed at providing support and knowledge with respect to all aspects of choosing the right career through right course program, university selection and other core aspects. We counsel students to find solutions best suited to their profiles and assist in enrollment within the appropriate institution. Shine consult is, in many cases, involved directly with the students. The services that are provided include: Document screening and evaluation, prior analysis on the budget that the student would foresee for his educational needs, visa counselling and documentation, We also provide mock interviews for the students to face the interview and also accommodation and airport pick up assistance.

Our Message

Empowering the students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace at Online Education Consultancy. Understanding the competitive environment, we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal growth and career fulfillment of students aspiring to study abroad.In the emerging context of global economy and community, having a globally accepted degree from abroad secures a bright future ensuring an ever-advancing career profile. As a Company, we provide vital service to obtain admission to popular courses in premium institutions abroad. Ours is an adaptable service package that ensures complete support and guidance right from pre-application processes.

Our highly dedicated and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of overseas educational consultancy .With a keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path, giving assistance and aid to students for attaining meritorious heights. We work closely to serve students in fulfilling their academic dreams through a cost-effective package and professional guidance. We look forward to answer your queries and ensure effective assistance for education overseas.

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